While everyone is at Lollapalooza Aug. 5-7…

I’ll be in the Motor City for a Three day raw food, living food, herbalism, medicinal mushrooms, electronic medicine and other voodoo with David Wolfe!  While I would love to see Coldplay and Eminem with all my friends in the heart of Chicago, I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity.  I’ve never been to any Raw events before so this will be quite the experience.  It’s also David’s birthday on the Friday and I’m signed up to have the Raw dinner with him.


Books and Such

I haven’t posted a blog post since last month, one reason is because I’m busy saturating myself with library books.  After taking the Permaculture course for 2 weeks in early June I realized I didn’t know that much about agriculture, gardening, food forests, and all that other stuff I like to talk about without having done the prerequisite reading.

Before taking the class at the Permaculture design course at the majestic Lazy Black Bear I had already developed an exceeding knowledge in superhero health and herbalism.  It became clear to me that I had some reading to do this summer.  So, I read through the Permaculture Activist’s (magazine) book catalog and I checked out every book they suggested using the Illinois Encore synergy library which draws any book from any Illinois library and ships it to a library near you.  I literally checked out 300$ in books!  Great service.  It makes me feel like a raging fucking democrat thinking about libraries.  If we only used democracy in this country I might democrat.  Instead, I hope this false Left vs. Right paradigm burns.

Edible Forest Gardens by Dave Jacke was the book, more like a textbook, I was anticipating most.  Volumes 1 and 2 of EFG cost about 130$ together.  I was stoked to find this using the Encore synergy service at the Morton Arboretum library, which I’m sure is a fascinating library. I got a little book happy and ordered like 20 books or so.  But there’s no way in hell I’ve been reading that many or have that time and interest so I’ll list the ten I’ve been reading.

I also checked out Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web which is an amazingly rich and readable book.

I’ve just hardly cracked open any of the Paul Stamets mushroom books but I still take my chaga everyday!

Gaia’s Garden is the consummate home Permaculture guide.  The Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture is a little bit easier to read and is a fine book.  I haven’t touched Food Not Lawns yet and it seems I may not ever because that material seems to already be covered.

I must admit, I haven’t been researching Permaculture half as much as I do superhero health and herbalism.  Of that field I’ve been really digging master herbalist and botanist Stephen Harrod Buhner’s The Fasting Path: The way to Spritiual, Physical, and Emotional Enlightenment and Sacred Plant Medicine.

Of course I’ve always got my favorite book ever always on hand, Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic by David Wolfe.  I can open that book to any page and it is the exact enlightenment I needed at that time.

I’ve also been experimenting heavily with the super fucking tonic herbs.  And megadosing them.  Right now I’m doing Elk Antler, Mountain Ant, Ginseng, Gynostemma, Pine Pollen, Camiella Sinus Pollen, Shijlajit, Chlorella, Raw Cacao, and some Ascended Health essential oils.  Quite a regimen and I’m learning so much about the tonic herbs and the superfoods.  I’ll have posts on each of these tonics in a bit.

Spring Water vs. Tap Liquid

Giants Bathtub Waterfall in Canada. The cleanest water ever!

Water is the most important element in our lives.  Our bodies consist of almost 75% water.  So wouldn’t you think it would be important to fill 75% of your body with the best water ever?

The scientific bunch might be quick to point out that water isn’t an element, but actually a compound of two hydrogen’s and one oxygen.

But I am actually referring to water as one of the four elements with earth, wind, fire, and water.

We have all been taught to think of all water as the same.  Just H20.  Most of us only have one criterion of which to discern its drinkability.  It has to be clean, absent of stuff in it. The story most of us know of that all water is created equal, just simply Dihydrogenmonoxide is a misleading sham.

The Living Crystal Matrix

Not many people know this, but water is actually a liquid crystal.

Think of a crystal at the diamond store.  What makes them special?  What are their characteristics?

A crystal is a solid material whose constituent whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.

This orderly repeating pattern is called the “Crystal Lattice”.  What this means is that the molecules are arranged in an orderly formation.

In other words, a crystal is information.  Arranged in an orderly, not random fashion.

The word formation is where we get the word information.  Information means something is organized in a formation.

That’s why crystals can store and transfer information.

That’s why the computer chip in your Macbook Pro is made of crystals.  Did you know that?  Crystals store information in an orderly fashion which is why the chips are made out of silicon crystals or quartz!

It’s all about Structure!

Once again, all H20 is not created equal.

For example, think of Silicon Dioxide, SiO2.

When SiO2 has its symmetrical crystal structure it takes the form of what we call quartz.

When SiO2 is disordered and random, it takes the form of amorphous glass.

When you drop quartz, it cleaves along the symmetrical fracture lines.  Glass on the other hand breaks in disorder because it has a random, unorganized structure.

Can you use glass for computer chips?  No, it has no formation therefor it cannot store information.

Water: The Liquid Crystal

Water, like quartz, when properly structured can be a liquid crystal.

On the otherhand, if water is thoroughly processed and contaminated, water can be disordered, losing its hexagonally crystalline structure.

Our bodies are designed to drink crystalline water.

Water can store information in the crystal just like a computer chip.  Most people are going through life without ever being hydrated.  They drink dead, unorganized, oxygen lacking water going through life like a dull light bulb that just flickers and flickers without ever turning on.  So many in our society are in chronic dehydration!

Natural spring water takes many years of incubating in a deep aquifer to gain its hexagonal structure.  Water’s hexagonal structure is super sensitiveand can be disturbed from excessive heat, rigid pipes, and pressurization.  The water from the tap is not crystalline structured.

There is something so simple and profound about your body being ¾’s water.  That means, you can completely change out and detoxify ¾’s of your body by drinking spring water from an aquifer that has never seen any contamination from the surface of the earth.

We have really only been contaminating and poisoning the earth since the start of the Industrial Revolution over a hundred years ago.  Since then we have been blowing nukes and  nuclear power plants left and right while chemtrailing the sky with other toxic crap.

The water that has been  incubating in these springs for hundreds and even thousands of years in some cases has been able to completely avoid all of this industrial contamination by being below the surface of the earth!

Spring water from an artesian spring will be the cleanest substance you will ever touch.  As it comes up to the earth, the earth is actually filtering it using mechanisms we actually use in our filters today!  There are many filters on the market called carbon filters, or clay fliters, or sand filters like the water Febreeze filter, Brita, which is just sand and plastic.

Are you starting to see how pure and wonderful spring water is?  It’s been saved from the BP oil spills and the Fukushima’s of our time all while being structured and filtered by mother earth.

Tap Liquid

Warning: Tap Liquid is not fit for human consumption.

We have to get away from the whole tap liquid consciousness.  It’s processed, poisoned, and damaged water.  Filled with innumerable toxins like a blend 50 different Pharmaceutical drugs, radioactive materials from chemotherapy patients pissing in the water supply, and of course the infamous Fluoride meriting its own post makes water more like  a tap liquid infused with poison.

But I’ll briefly cover the other prevalent toxin in Tap Liquid, which at least, makes tap liquid palatable by killing all the bacteria and organisms in it, as well as the bacteria in your stomach.  Chlorine!  Chlorine is caustic to your body.  Ever get out of the community pool with really dry itchy skin?  That’s the Chlorine slowly burning and killing you.

Interestingly, Chlorine itself is intrinsically not as bad as the carcinogens resulting from the Chlorine reacting with organic matter in the treated water.  These Disinfectant Byproducts, DBP’s, are called Trihalomethanes.  The deadly trio is Chloroform (sound familiar?), Bromoform, and Dichlorobromethane.  These DBP’s are volatile, meaning that when they are heated they get airborne.

Perfect for when you are showering with hot water, volatilizing the Chloroform, and shutting the shower door so that you can create a Chloroform gas chamber in your bathroom!  This is like creating Nazi death camp in your own bathroom!

Most people never realize why they feel so groggy after a nice steamy shower.  Hmm.  Maybe it is because you just gassed yourself on Chloroform gas circa Nazi Germany!  Remember, when you breathe the vapors the poisons bypass your digestive apparatus and are inhaled directly into your bloodstream.  This is why breathing in the poison gas in the shower is worse than drinking it!

But there’s always a simple solution.  Buy a shower filter for 80$ and it will eliminate 99% of the Chlorine and feel like you are showering under a waterfall.  And your skin doesn’t get dry from the caustic Chlorine!

Find a Spring near you!

My mentor Daniel Vitalis has been leading the spring water revolution with this awesome website called Find a Spring.com where you can find local water springs on Google maps with other relevant information like PH, TDS, taste, and toxicity. 

I go to an Artesian well in Chicago called “The Fountain of Youth.”  What makes it a well and not a spring is that it is premature water meaning that the aquifer needs to be penetrated by a pump to get the water out.  The water is good and comes out cold so I drink it.  I love taking my friends at night to go drive and listen to good music on the way to the best water ever.

Glistening crystalline water!

Heart on Fire

Part of being an ethical meat eater is buyinghumanely raised animals that live and graze in their natural habits.  Buying a grass-fed steak from a farmer at a farmers market or at Whole Paycheck is great, but buying grass-fed cuts individually is ridiculously expensive.

That’s why buying a share in a cow to get a bulk assortment of meat ranging from ground beef to N.Y. Strip Steaks to Chuck Roasts is a much better deal if you are a carnivorous fiend like myself.

In my advancement as an ethical meat eater, I’ve decided I don’t only want to eat the Western good stuff like the burgers and steaks.   I want to venture into eating the whole animal buy utilizing the bones for stock and eating the organs for their nutrition.

My first hack at eating organs didn’t involve any eating by humans.  I thawed what I thought was the liver to make liver and onions after my long hike with my dogs.  When I unwrapped it, it turned out to be the cow tongue and the taste buds really freaked me out.  I ended up just throwing the 10 inch raw tongue to my dogs and they licked it up.

I vowed that my next attempt at organs would have a strong recipe and I would eat it up.  I listened to this Sweet Peas Podcast on offal meats and they had said that heart was the first “organ meat” that you should delve into because it’s actually a hard working muscle and isn’t foul tasting.  Similar to steak.  Maybe.

I choose a recipe called “Heart on Fire” from Mark Sisson’s website Mark’s Daily Apple where I thought the heat would take some of the heartiness out of beef. The heart was to be slow cooked in on a bed of mirepoix, jalapenos, coconut flakes, and chili spices.  I cut the heart in half and it didn’t bleed like I thought it would.  It looked like a sturdy piece of familiar steak.  Comforting.

Six hours later I returned to the kitchen and opened the lid to the crock pot.  Looked good to me!  I called my cousin Kyle who had already agreed to eat it with me.  As he biked over I plucked the Siberian Kale out of my backyard and sautéed it in a large pan with organic coconut milk.

Sitting in the Crock Pot with peppers, mirepoix, and coconut flakes

On each plate I made a bed of the coconut kale and placed a half of heart on each.  We sat on opposite sides of the table and cut in.  The meat was tender and perfectly cooked.  It didn’t have that dark red color has.  It was more purplish gray.

We eat our hearts out.  Until they exploded.  It was kind of tasty.  Well cooked and spicy with the fresh garden kale cooling our palate.  The heart was so dense and powerful that it was really hard to eat a lot of it.  It was very filling and felt mineralizing.  To reiterate, it was very filling.  But not bad.

I forgot to take a picture of the final product, as I often do, but it looks exactly like this.

Heart on Fire