Heart on Fire

Part of being an ethical meat eater is buyinghumanely raised animals that live and graze in their natural habits.  Buying a grass-fed steak from a farmer at a farmers market or at Whole Paycheck is great, but buying grass-fed cuts individually is ridiculously expensive.

That’s why buying a share in a cow to get a bulk assortment of meat ranging from ground beef to N.Y. Strip Steaks to Chuck Roasts is a much better deal if you are a carnivorous fiend like myself.

In my advancement as an ethical meat eater, I’ve decided I don’t only want to eat the Western good stuff like the burgers and steaks.   I want to venture into eating the whole animal buy utilizing the bones for stock and eating the organs for their nutrition.

My first hack at eating organs didn’t involve any eating by humans.  I thawed what I thought was the liver to make liver and onions after my long hike with my dogs.  When I unwrapped it, it turned out to be the cow tongue and the taste buds really freaked me out.  I ended up just throwing the 10 inch raw tongue to my dogs and they licked it up.

I vowed that my next attempt at organs would have a strong recipe and I would eat it up.  I listened to this Sweet Peas Podcast on offal meats and they had said that heart was the first “organ meat” that you should delve into because it’s actually a hard working muscle and isn’t foul tasting.  Similar to steak.  Maybe.

I choose a recipe called “Heart on Fire” from Mark Sisson’s website Mark’s Daily Apple where I thought the heat would take some of the heartiness out of beef. The heart was to be slow cooked in on a bed of mirepoix, jalapenos, coconut flakes, and chili spices.  I cut the heart in half and it didn’t bleed like I thought it would.  It looked like a sturdy piece of familiar steak.  Comforting.

Six hours later I returned to the kitchen and opened the lid to the crock pot.  Looked good to me!  I called my cousin Kyle who had already agreed to eat it with me.  As he biked over I plucked the Siberian Kale out of my backyard and sautéed it in a large pan with organic coconut milk.

Sitting in the Crock Pot with peppers, mirepoix, and coconut flakes

On each plate I made a bed of the coconut kale and placed a half of heart on each.  We sat on opposite sides of the table and cut in.  The meat was tender and perfectly cooked.  It didn’t have that dark red color has.  It was more purplish gray.

We eat our hearts out.  Until they exploded.  It was kind of tasty.  Well cooked and spicy with the fresh garden kale cooling our palate.  The heart was so dense and powerful that it was really hard to eat a lot of it.  It was very filling and felt mineralizing.  To reiterate, it was very filling.  But not bad.

I forgot to take a picture of the final product, as I often do, but it looks exactly like this.

Heart on Fire


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